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Financial Modeling is one of the most fundamental and widely sought-after skills in the finance industry.

Simandhar brings you the best of the Financial Modeling courses jointly with Wall Street Prep (WSP) & Hi-Educare, the leading Investment Banking course provider.

Why Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep was founded in 2003 by a group of JP Morgan investment bankers with a simple goal: To make the “investment banking skill-set” available to anyone who wants to learn it.

Each year, Wall Street Prep’s innovative courses are used by over 5,000 professionals and students. Over 150 investment banks, private equity firms, and investment funds use Wall Street Prep to train new and experienced analysts and associates.

In addition, over 50 business schools, including Wharton, Oxford, INSEAD, LSE, Kellogg, Booth, MIT, and Cornell use Wall Street Prep to better prepare their students for careers in finance.

The Course

The WSP course is well structured to help students of Investment Banking from finance as well as non-finance background.

The on-line as well as instructor lead interactive course is spread across 100 hours, across 3 months and can be attended from any part of the world.

  1. The students can join from the classrooms across multiple cities in India or
  2. The students can also join from comfort of their homes with the support of internet connectivity

In either of the cases, the learning remains completely interactive.

Structure of the course

The Finance Modeling course is spread across 14 modules, covering all aspects from basic to advanced, preparing you as a champion of financial modeling /p>

Accounting Crash Course

Lessons: 40

Duration: 7 hours

Accounting Crash Course, Advanced Topics

Lessons: 40

Duration: 7 hours

Analysing Financial Reports

Lessons: 40

Duration: 7 hours

Crash Course In Bonds & Debt

Lessons: 40

Duration: 7 hours

Corporate Finance Crash Course

Lessons: 37

Duration: 4 hours

Excel Crash Course

Lessons: 74

Duration: 7 hours

PowerPoint Crash Course

Lessons: 32

Duration: 4 hours

Financial Statement Modellin

Lessons: 59

Duration: 13 hours

DCF Modeling

Lessons: 47

Duration: 7 hours

Trading Comps

Lessons: 54

Duration: 8 hours

Transaction Comps

Lessons: 51

Duration: 6 hours

M&A Modeling

Lessons: 37

Duration: 7 hours

LBO Modeling

Lessons: 55

Duration: 8 hours

Advanced LBO Modeling

Lessons: 77

Duration: 8 hours

The course includes video, real life examples & exercises lead by an experienced instructor

Please refer to here for sample videos.

Simandhar Education & WSP advantage

Comprehensive training

These are the same comprehensive training courses our corporate clients use to prepare and assess their analysts and associates.

Learn by doing

You will “learn by doing” by working through practical exercises and building financial models from scratch using real case studies.

Practical skills

Our courses go beyond the academic textbook to teach practical skills you can immediately use on the job and showcase in interviews.

Excel mastery

We will teach you essential Excel mechanics and shortcuts that will make you faster and more efficient than your peers.

Course support

Have a question on course content? Communicate directly with instructors by asking questions throughout each course.

WSP Webinar Seriese

Enrolment in select courses includes lifetime access to our monthly webinars that focus on industry-specific and advanced topics.

Interaction & Guidance from highly experienced faculty of Hi-Educare

Highly qualified finance professionals with combined experience of 60 man years across investment banking, portfolio valuation, equity research & Business Process Management domain

What will you get at the end of the course

Fees Structure Amount Additional Information
Simandhar’s Interactive Training Sessions & Support Fees INR 30,000 Payable to Simandhar Education
Add GST @ 18% INR 5,400
Total payable fees to Simandhar Education INR 35,400
Wall Street certificate and examination fees. USD 499 Payable to Wall Street Prep
Net payable fees to Wall Street USD 499